Initial Meeting
I will meet with you to discuss upcoming projects and see what your graphic design needs are.
During this phase of the process, we will bounce around ideas, manage expectations and discuss timelines and deadlines. I will then create a custom estimate for each project and send to you for approval. You’ll also receive a contract to review, sign and return. This outlines our working relationship and ensures a level of professionalism and accountability on both parts. And now we can get to the fun stuff…
Getting Started
Some campaigns or projects will require me putting together a design brief, some…not necessary. Once the estimates are approved and all the business stuff is settled I can move to the concept and execution phase . This is where I begin tighten up our original ideas from the initial client meeting. I will layout first proofs of each project to share with you for review and feedback.  The majority of my time is spent on this phase of the design process because this is where the foundation lies. Much like building a house, you need a strong foundation to build upon.
Client Review of First Proofs
At this phase of the design process, I’ll present my designs to you and we can discuss any revisions that need to be made. Revisions are all part of the evolutionary process of creating something. That holds true in graphic design as well. Sometimes there are no revisions (rare, but happy to nail it the first time around) usually 2-3 rounds of revisions are pretty standard for any project. These could be text changes, editing, adding new imagery, changing fonts or colour palettes, etc…


Revisions and Fine-tuning
After putting our heads together and deciding if revisions are necessary, I will go back and fine tune the current projects and represent to you for review and more feedback. This continues until everyone is happy.


Client Approval & File Prep
Once I get final approval from you I then prep any print files for print and web projects get prepped for web development. I am happy to obtain print quotes for you, if that kind of thing makes you cringe and/or scratch your head in wonder. I am also happy to handle uploading final files to any printer so you have less to deal with. This is what I do and I’m very comfortable relaying with vendors and printers on your behalf.
Check In
This is where I follow up with you after about a month to see how things are going and if you might need to hire me for any new projects.




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Annual Reports
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Direct Mail
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Pocket Folders
Retail and Product Packaging
T-Shirt Design
Trade Show Signage
Transit Advertising
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